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Military Bankruptcy | Veteran Bankruptcy

Military DiscountsWhen I think about veterans of the military, my thoughts often go to my dad. Pop left his home near Philadelphia at age 17 to join the Navy during World War II. He was assigned to a destroyer and fought throughout the Pacific theater, including Peleliu, Iwo Jima and Okinawa. Then, like so many vets, he came back and rarely talked about his experiences. Although he was very proud of his service, it was not until later in his life that I found out what my father had experienced during the war.

Perhaps, because of my dad and other family members who have served (including two of my nephews who are in uniform today), I believe that anyone who can make a servicemember’s or veteran’s life a little easier should do so. To try to help a bit and say thanks for serving, we offer discounts to members of the military, whether they are on active duty or in the National Guard or Reserves. In addition, we give the same discounts to veterans.

Chapter 7 Discounts

In Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases, our military discount is up to 25% for active military and veterans with family incomes below the state median. Some discounts are also available for active military and veterans with incomes above state median. However, if you actively serving in a designated combat zone, we may be able to offer a larger discount.

Chapter 13 Discount on Down Payment

We offer a military discount on the down payment required in a Chapter 13 case. (We do not discount fees in  Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases, because in most cases we are paid by the bankruptcy trustee with money that would have gone to your creditors.  So, any discount on fees would benefit your creditors and not you.)

Debt Negotiation Discounts

We offer a military discount on all non-litigation debt negotiation services.

In all cases, our initial consultation is free. If you are a member of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, National Guard or Reserves (or a veteran of any service) and want to discuss your options for dealing with a tough financial situation, please feel free to call. Our two offices serve Philadelphia, Montgomery County, Delaware CountyBucks County, or Chester County in Pennsylvania.

 Bankruptcy Fact: There are special legal protections for servicemembers and vets both inside and outside of bankruptcy. For more information, click here.