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We offer a variety of bankruptcy and non-bankruptcy services designed to help our clients take control of their financial lives, including Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, and Creditor Negotiation. Which method of debt relief is best for you depends upon your individual circumstances. We will work closely with you to determine which approach is best for your particular situation.
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Chapter 7 bankruptcy allows people who are struggling financially to start over free from all or most of their debt. The typical case lasts only a few months, and it is the least expensive type of bankruptcy.
Chapter 13 works well for people who are behind on a home, car, or other secured loan or have an income too high to qualify for Chapter 7. Chapter 13 allow you to catch up on missed home or auto payments over time (typically 36 to 60 months). With few exceptions, any remaining unsecured debt is discharged at the end of the payment period.

Negotiating with creditors is possible in some cases, if you have the ability to pay part of your debt. In some instances, usually where there are few creditors, an attorney can help you reach an affordable payment arrangement. However, before entering into any agreement with a creditor, it is important to determine if a settlement will be a benefit or a burden in the long-term. Mortgage foreclosure defense may be an alternative in many cases, if you are in or facing a mortgage foreclosure.